At Linatech we are well aware that our expertise and good craftsmanship are deeply rooted in our corporate culture and long history – from here we develop ourselves and create our own paths for the future.

Linatech, then called Vium Smede- og Maskinfabrik (VSM), was founded in 1884 when visionary farmers in Vium employed their own blacksmiths to solve the need for specialized knowledge in the field of shoeing horses and later repair of agricultural machinery.

Villy Jensen, one of the employed smiths, took over the management of the company in 1965 and started making products of steel and iron as well as constructing special machines for the main areas of business of the company.

In 1978, VSM was transformed into a limited partnership and in 1988 it became a limited company. In 1999, Villy Jensen died, and the management was taken over by Thorkild Munk and Lars Lynge Maach. In 2010, when the company name changed to LINATECH, Henrik Jeppesen has been the CEO of the company.

Linatech saw a generational change in May 2016, where Martin Arberg joined the company as owner and director. At the same time, Bjarne Lyngsø was appointed chairman of the board.

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