Kjellerup District Heating plant


“Our cooperation with Linatech began in 1987. Surprisingly fast for a new plant, the fan that had to transport the wood chips from the chopper to the feeder, suddenly broke down. It was worn out. It was in the middle of the heating season, so we needed immediate assistance. We got it from Linatech, who quickly got things done. For the benefit of us and our consumers. Today we use Linatech for maintenance jobs, and we are very pleased with the cooperation. Linatech’s employees know our facility inside out. They are skilled, work independently, and are extremely flexible. No matter the time of day, they always get here very fast when we need them. At the same time, Linatech can perform most repairs and produce spare parts in a short time.”

Plant Manager, Frands Lauritzen



Posted on

15. July 2016