Lars D. Christensen

Lars D. Christensen

Service Manager

Mobile: +45 6038 2193


Linatech naturally also offers the installation and commissioning of the machinery and process equipment that we manufacture. Moreover, our maintenance and installation departments can relocate existing machinery and process equipment and other equipment with subsequent commissioning into your existing production line.

Linatech produces boiler cores, boilers and silos among other things for the central heating industry and the food industry. For these we also offer installation and subsequent service agreements.

In addition, our installation department can offer a whole range of services to ensure that your operation is optimum:

  • Mandatory safety inspections on electric hydraulic systems, electrical controls and power plants /distribution panels, lifting equipment etc.
  • Inspection and review of electrical installations
  • Thermography
  • Electrical assembly in general
  • Energy optimization

Selected installation projects